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barman preparing cocktail drinks

Mercer County NJ barman preparing cocktail drinksIn order to become a bartender, one needs more than just skills and knowledge, as this job requires energy and good interpersonal skills. Many people think that the only duty of the Mercer County New Jersey bartender is to prepare drinks, but these professionals do a lot more than that – not only do they manage the inventory, but they also check the IDs of their customers, they arrange the glasses and bottles and they also balance the cash register at the end of every shift.

A Closer Look At Bartending

Working as a bartender is beautiful, entertaining and certainly very financially rewarding, as it is known that bartenders rely mostly on tips to supplement their incomes – these professionals usually work in any location where they serve alcoholic beverages, from restaurants and clubs to lounges and all sorts of bars, and they often need to work extra hours.

Open Bartender Jobs In Mercer County New Jersey

Available Bartender Jobs

How To Become A Bartender

It usually happens that bartenders need to memorize tens of drink recipes, therefore a bartender’s most important asset is his mind. High-end bartenders have usually gone through extensive formal training, and there are quite a few internationally-renowned bartending institutions where you can learn everything you need to know about this job. In spite of the fact that most bartenders have managed to get a well-paid job without going to any professional bartending school, some bar or club owners may require a diploma before hiring you.

Mercer County female bartender serving drinks

Mercer County female bartender serving drinks

One cannot become a bartender by skipping any steps. Not only do you need to memorize the classic drink recipes, but you also need to become familiar with different shaking, blending and stirring techniques.

As a bartender, you are under pressure when you are on the job and you do not have too much time at your disposal, this is why you need to memorize the recipes of the most sought-after drinks. A reputable bartender will learn how to prepare cocktails, highball and lowball drinks.

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There is no better way to learn new recipes and techniques than by watching other Mercer County New Jersey bartenders in action, and if you pay enough attention to detail you will see all the little drinks that can turn a seemingly easy drink into a “magic potion” that attracts tens of customers – however, you may want to invest in drink manuals as well, as bartending requires a lot of practice at home.

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